It Is The Year 2011 And They Still Haven’t Found Out How To Make A Printer That Works

Featured on Freshly Pressed. Written by my Brother in Law.

This is something that really grinds my gears, I have never once owned a computer printer that was not a completely useless pile of shit. They can make computers that can outsmart the guy that won Jeopardy, they can make cars that can run almost entirely on batteries, but nobody can make a printer that doesn’t jam?! Seriously!

The printer is nowhere near as complex as say a computer or a Playstation 3, it really only has one main function: to print out a fucking document when you need it. Have you ever noticed that when you really need to print something at the last minute your computer suddenly can’t communicate with the printer? But it works whenever you’re too lazy to write out an address to type into your GPS so you just print out the Google Maps page with the address on it. Great!

How can the computer…

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