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Today is a big day for Automattic and WordPress. We just launched a new product called Jetpack.

It includes 8 great features: Gravatar Hovercards, Stats, After the Deadline, Twitter widget, shortcodes, shortlinks, easy Facebook/Twitter/WordPress sharing buttons, and LaTeX parsing.

There’s more coming too!

Jetpack to the Cloud No one really gets the distinction between the two things called WordPress at first, the dot-com and the dot-org. On dot-com in just a few clicks you're set up on a web-scale centralized platform that constantly gets new upgrades and features. And you never have to worry about it because it’s completely hassle-free and completely supported by our happiness team. On dot-org you sign up and host your blog with a hosting company and you get complete … Read More

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One thought on “Jetpack by

  1. Hi,

    I loved your photos of the waves and the lighthouse. But when I read your encouragement to get out and walk, I had to write! Hooray for you, it is so important for all of us to get out there and connect with nature. Remember, nature needs us as much as we need it.
    Is nature lacking where you live? Ask yourself, what can I do to make it better?

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