Last week was a pretty busy week involvi… (via WordPress Summer of Code 2010)

Last week was a pretty busy week involving  some personal things and also work things unrelated to GSoC.  Of course I do have updates for this! I talked with the UI team in the meeting last Tuesday and will do so again tomorrow to see how the mockups are coming along.  I also did further work on the template pack plugin. It is pretty much done and only needs another day or so of work. Hopefully once that is done I will have a finalized UI to work … Read More

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Theme Support (via WordPress Summer of Code 2010)

I heard a request from a few people last week about making the project easier to theme/change the look of etc. Orignally this was just going to be just child theme support and perhaps a control panel for easily changing around some colors. Jane had the idea during one of our chats to make a plugin similar to the BuddyPress Theme Pack. The new plugin would attempt to make any theme IdeaPress compatible with no edits to add the support. I've been w … Read More

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Minor Force gzip update

I just uploaded a newer version of the Force gzip plugin here (until I can put it in the plugins directory).

Change log:

  • Less aggressive with the cookie (uses a session cookie as Google does)
  • Do not do a check if we find Accept-Encoding: identity. (recommended Google behavior)
  • Match browser versions instead of just greater than (To catch IE6, etc)

Download Now

The past week involved a lot of cleanup … (via WordPress Summer of Code 2010)

The past week involved a lot of cleanup so there is not much visually to show. I went through to make sure that all the comments described the code and that the code was readable. I also caught a few bugs in the progress. I also completed my midterm evaluation. (Don't forget yours because Friday is the deadline!) In about 30 minutes I will be in participating in the UI chat where part of the agenda is to take a look at some of the home page  mock … Read More

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Force gzip Plugin

Matt Mullenweg posted a entry on the wpdevel blog Monday with a link to a article about gzip compression. The article explained that ~15% of users with gzip-capable browsers were not sending an appropriate Accept-Encoding request headers and were loading the uncompressed pages. The article also explains a method Google is using to catch browsers and software that is doing this. I won’t go into the specifics of the method here because and do a great job of this already. Matt ended the post with “This would make an excellent WordPress plugin.”.

I decided to give myself a little challenge and try to make this plugin work. After reading through the slides of the presentation I set out and wrote a small plugin. After some refining I had the plugin successfully working on all my tests and in multiple browsers.

I want to release the code here for others to use, take a look at and pick apart. While the code has worked during my tests I would like to gather some feedback and have others test the plugin before I recommend it ready for important/live/production-ready sites.

The plugin is released under the GPL license. I will also be submitting it to WordPress Plugins Database. Keep an eye on this space.

Download Force gzip

The project is still progressing very we… (via WordPress Summer of Code 2010)

The project is still progressing very well. I added some of the features Jane and I discussed in Chicago: Comments can be voted on. Comment voting looks just like solutions and ideas voting but will most likely look simpler when the UI changes are made. There is a special bookmarklet/favorites menu script that allows you to post an idea from any site. A closed and open filter has been added to the search system so we can view just open ideas if w … Read More

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