Second Core Contribution

I just had had my second committed to the WordPress core! It’s still pretty exciting to me to have my own code being a part of a project like WordPress.

The code adds a bit more then my previous contribution. It adds some new features to the new “Custom Background” feature in WordPress 3.0 that allow you to tile horizontally or vertically. It also adds a live preview for this feature. Finally it changes the way the preview is displayed by using the CSS background properties and a thumbnail image instead of a IMG tag.

The ticket history & patches can be viewed in the the following trac ticket: #12186



I was working on one of my own sites that I hope to launch soon and I was using 3.0’s new default theme twenty ten. I really wanted to use a gradient image but there was only the option to have no repeat or to tile. With raw CSS you could repeat horizontally or repeat vertically so I decided to add the options for this. Finally it was recommended that a preview for this feature would be nice so I submitted a patch for this feature as well.

WordPress developer Dion Hulse committed the patch to core just about an hour ago. The commit can be seen in changeset 13856.

Closing Comments

I hope to continue with my contributions! I’ll be applying for the Summer of Code through WordPress soon as well.